Current State of Atari Archive (and the others for that matter)

Current State of Atari Archive (and the others for that matter)

Post by Jeff Wein » Mon, 02 Mar 1992 01:29:17

Well folks,

It would appear that the archives will continue on, at least in a
reduced service form.  By this I mean that Fred Swartz, our archive
administrator, was RIF'd (fired).  The archives themselves will continue
on, by volunteer power (as a.a always has been).  

Where they will wind up is the current question.  There has been
talk of locating them on machines in various departments throughout
the U, but I'd go so far as to say that a.a will stay put, at least for
a while longer.  The others will undoubtly move soon.

Many of you have asked (and even hypothesized) about exactly what
it going on here; why were the archives in danger in the first place.
From my point of view, which is very limited, it appeared to be
at first a budget cut.  However, as more discussion took place,
and more lies and half-truths were told, it appears that there's some
higher agenda ofr ITD management.  What is it?  Beats me.  

I'd like to thank those of you that sent mail in to the address.  There was some particularly compelling
testimonials there, and I think your outcry, combined with
the continued "what the hell?" from the archivists here, made the
difference.  It's a bummer we lost Fred, but ...........

Any further comments, concerns, or clarifications to the address above (or below)


Corner of Packard and State, 2nd house from Blue Front on Arbor
718 Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, +1 313 998 0892, near the Univ. of Michigan  


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very nice.  Hats off to Jeff for informing the Atari community in general
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this site for years, it is nice to know some of its history.  

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