Bombs on floppy media change

Bombs on floppy media change

Post by Steven D Oura » Wed, 17 Mar 1993 04:06:41

I've been having a problem, and I've either become more aware of it lately
or it has been getting worse.

If I switch disks several times (it is most noticable when I am looking for
something on a disk and check several directories from the desktop), my
machine often bombs and resets while starting to read a new disk. It doesn't
happen just with certain disks or with certain programs. The only thing that
seems to be consistent is that it occurs after a few disk changes.

In case it matters, I use DC Formatter almost exclusively, in 10 sector,
80 track, double sided, skewed mode. I recently (but not very thoroughly)
cleaned my drive, that didn't seem to help. I haven't tried a head cleaning
disk or anything like that. I checked the drive speed, it's about 300 rpm.

If anyone can give me a hint about what's going on here, please do.

             Steven Ourada


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Bombs on floppy media change

Post by Domenico De Vitto [Spide » Wed, 17 Mar 1993 21:14:16

hmmm, if the serial numbers of the disks are the same, then that can easily
cause the machine to bomb (reading dir data from a exe file).
But I'm sure that the DCF does random serials but.......

Dom De Vitto


Bombs on floppy media change

Post by Jens Kili » Thu, 18 Mar 1993 03:04:55

I've had bombs on media changes for a long time, until I threw away a badly
written accessory of mine. I never found out the cause of the problem, but
I suspect

        - use of evnt_timer()
        - non-use of wind_update()

What accessories do you use ?


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Bombs on floppy media change

Post by Steven D Oura » Sat, 20 Mar 1993 13:49:31

Problem found: it was the Ghost virus (as identified by AVK).
According to the description I read, it's supposed to invert the
mouse every once it a while, maybe it was not compatible with my
system and caused the bombs.

Can't these virus writers make thier viruses compatible with _all_
versions of TOS :-)

             Steven Ourada


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