FA: Falcon 040 (Afterburner + Desktopper)

FA: Falcon 040 (Afterburner + Desktopper)

Post by purpleT » Wed, 04 Jun 2003 04:19:58

For Auction:

Atari Falcon fitted with an Afterburner (68040 with FPU built in)
and 16M Fast RAM. 4M of standard Falcon RAM makes 20M total.

Recased in a Desktopper case with a 120M HD and CDROM drive
on the secondary layer. Also includes a Nemesis accelerator,
and the clock buffer mod. The Afterburner also features a
through port for the Falcon bus, allowing other (compatible)
cards to be used.



1. C-Lab Falcon MK-X and AfterBurner 040

Help!  I'm trying to get an AB040 installed in my Falcon MK-X, and it's
not working.  The installer say he has done dozens of Nemesis and AB040
installations into regular (stock Atari) Falcons, but not into an MK-X.
If there's anybody out there who has done so successfully, *please*
write me at msh (at) qadas (dot) com ASAP!  Thanks very much in advance.


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