WTB: magic and magic mac

WTB: magic and magic mac

Post by Sam Pern » Wed, 29 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi All,

I am wanting to purchase copies of MagiC and MagiC Mac.  If you are
selling please let me know.




1. magic mac 6 on mac quadra?

Hello everyone,

recently i read the ASH page on magic mac. It said that on older macs magic
mac would not be an emulator program since it would run on the processor
family (M680X0) it was meant for originally. So there would be no need to
translate m68k instructions to ppc instructions. I looked at some specs of
older macs, such as the Quadras who feature a 68040 processor at 66 Mhz,
often with built-in FPU, at least 500 Mb HD, CD rom etc.
Has anyone out there tried to run magic mac 6 on one of these older macs? It
would be a dirt cheap way to run magic fast, a lot cheaper than running
magic PC or magic milan...

greetings Freek Munniksma.

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