Atari monitor cct diag.

Atari monitor cct diag.

Post by S.J. Harriso » Tue, 23 Aug 1994 23:25:07

I notice that the circuit diagram for Atari monitor SM124 is available via
anonomous FTP from uni-paderborn as a scanned copy. Is this legal? I presume
someone owns the copyright for it.
        If it is, would anyone like to do the same with the circuit
diagram for an SM144 monitor? I can't seem to find a reasonably cheap source
for it anywhere. (i.e. less than 35 UK pounds)

* Simon Harrison,  University of Newcastle U. Tyne    *                      *

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1. prt cct

Nick Coyne European Space Agency, Darmstadt Germany.

I am trying to find out wether there is available anywhere in the PD a
programm to help me with the design(layout etc)of printed circuit boards.
Is there one that will give me a circuit board design from a circuit diagram.
If there is one can I get it from an Ftp site somewhere.
If no one knows of one available in the ftp then is there one comercialy availa
ble ?.

Any help or pointers in the general direction will be greatly received.
Also if some one out there has got and has used something like described above
is it any good?.

Nick Coyne

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the views of anyone else.

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