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Hi There Netters,

I've been playing around with sampled sounds lately, and have so far found
three types, there's .SPL from Replay (I think), .SAM from MasterSound and
loads of .SND's on Terminator. Could anyone enlighten me as to what others are
around, and are there any programs around (preferably PD) that will convert
between different types?
Replies to email please, I'll summarise to net.


1. spl or snd file format

Does anyone know the format of .spl or .snd files?  I am attempting to
create samples in files, which I can play back with David Bagget's

My first guess was that the files are simply 8 bit data.  The sounds I
get out aren't very good though, so I'm wondering if there's more to
the format than I know.


P.S. If anybody has a routine they'd like to send me or point me to,
I'd really appreciate it.  This is for a school project on signal
processing.  I'd just like to be able to hear my processed signals on
the ST, where I'll be doing most of my coding.
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