Pov raytracer problems

Pov raytracer problems

Post by Jan_Willek.. » Sun, 17 Oct 1993 01:25:56


I managed to compile the new Persistence of Vision 2.0 raytracer on a TT
using GCC 2.3.3, GCC-LD pl37, MiNTLibs pl37, GCC-AS 1.38 pl4, Gnumake 3.03,
but when I run the executable the program gives a bus error. Here's my

# Makefile for Persistence of Vision Raytracer
# This file is released to the public domain.
# MAKE Macros and Such...

#*                      UNIX Makefile

# The exact options may depend on your compiler.  Feel free to modify
# these as required.
# The cc compiler on a HP9000 likes the -Aa option for all files except
# The gcc compiler is usually satisfied with these options.

OBJ     = o
MACHINE_OBJ     = unix.$(OBJ)
CFLAGS=         -c -O -m68020 -m68881 -Wall -mshort
LFLAGS =        -o povray -O
STFLAGS =       -o pov.ttp -O
CC =            gcc

# Make's implicit rules for making a .o file from a .c file...
.c.o :
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $*.c

POVOBJS = povray.$(OBJ) bezier.$(OBJ) blob.$(OBJ) bound.$(OBJ) boxes.$(OBJ)
          camera.$(OBJ) colour.$(OBJ) cones.$(OBJ) csg.$(OBJ) discs.$(OBJ)   \
          dump.$(OBJ) express.$(OBJ) gif.$(OBJ) gifdecod.$(OBJ)              \
          hfield.$(OBJ) iff.$(OBJ) image.$(OBJ) lighting.$(OBJ)              \
          matrices.$(OBJ) normal.$(OBJ) objects.$(OBJ) parse.$(OBJ)          \
          pigment.$(OBJ) planes.$(OBJ) point.$(OBJ) poly.$(OBJ)              \
          quadrics.$(OBJ) raw.$(OBJ) ray.$(OBJ) render.$(OBJ) spheres.$(OBJ) \
          targa.$(OBJ) texture.$(OBJ) tokenize.$(OBJ) triangle.$(OBJ)        \
          txttest.$(OBJ) vect.$(OBJ) $(MACHINE_OBJ)

povray: $(POVOBJS)
        $(CC) $(LFLAGS) $(POVOBJS) -lm

pov.ttp: $(POVOBJS)
        $(CC) $(STFLAGS) $(POVOBJS)

I used 'make -f makefile.st pov.ttp'.

What am I doing wrong?

Greetings...                                                - Jan -

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