FS Atari 2600/7800 Cartridges

FS Atari 2600/7800 Cartridges

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We have the following Atari 2600/7800 game cartridges for sale in the US.
All cartridges work correctly to the best of our knowledge.
There are no manuals or boxes for any of these cartridges.
The labels are in very good condition on all of the 7800 cartridges.
The labels are in poor condition on most of the 2600 cartridges.
We want to sell all 2600/7800 cartridges at one time to someone in the US.
There are 22 cartridges in all, and we are asking $45 for all 22 carts.
Shipping to anyone in the US is included in the price. So thats less than
$2 a cartridge. The reason for selling these is that we just have no use
for them and they are just taking up space.
Here are the titles.

ATARI 2600 Game Cartridges            ATARI 7800 Game Cartridges
--------------------------            --------------------------
Boxing                                Food Fight
Space Invaders                        Ms.Pac-Man
Off The Wall                          Joust
Pac-Man                               Pole Position II  (2 cartridges)
PitFall!                              Hat Trick
Warlords                              Alien Brigade
Donkey Kong                           Robotron 2084
Defender                              Mean 18
Ms.Pac-Man                            Donkey Kong
Freeway                               Dig Dug
These cartridges will be sold for $45 to the first E-Mail we receive.
However if some one offers more than $45 for the lot, then they will be
sold to the highest offer.
We will only accept a US Postal Money Order for payment.
Anyone in the USA thats interested can contact us at the e-mail address





1. atari 7800/2600 monitor cartridge announcement

we are pleased to report that the very rare,and elusive 7800/2600
monitor carts are in stock now,if you were on the reserve list,you
should have received a e-mail from us stating this fact,with ordering
information,if you did not receive a e-mail,please contact us
a.s.a.p.,for this is a limited time offer,and qauntities are very
if you are interested in one of these actual licensed atari product for
your collection,or use,please contact us now,we may have a few left,but
time is of the essence.
the list price on this item is $99.95,this is a low end development
system for your 7800,it will allow you to develop your own 2600 game,and
store it in a 8k battery backed up ram,or 16k battery backed up ram for
the 7800,it is cartridge based,using the 2 joystick ports of your
7800,and the 2600 keypads/touch pads,or sesame st. controllers for data
input devices.
this cart development system also comes with a 200 page developers
manual,and schematics of the7800,also it has 3 2600 games on board,also
with a demo of a unreleased 7800 game on board. ordering information can
be found on our web site at, www.atarisales.com

Video 61 & Atari Sales
                        22735 Congo ST NE
Stacy MN 55079

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