PC-Ditto II vs PC Tools 6.0

PC-Ditto II vs PC Tools 6.0

Post by p.. » Sat, 23 Jun 1990 22:19:21

    Hi All,
       Has anyone tried to run PC Tools Deluxe 6.0 on the PC Ditto II?
    I've been trying and having little luck for no apparent reason.
    First some of the files wouldn't uncompress, although they did
    fine on another PC. Then the PCBackup program wouldn't recognize
    some backup disks I had made on this other PC even though the
    PCBDIR.COM program did identify them as PCBackup disks. Then
    DISKFIX hung the system whenever it tried to do much of anything.
    PCBackup failed to identify the hardware when it tried as well,
    locking up the computer.

    I've also had trouble getting Quattro Pro to install, although
    PC-File and Norton 4.0 seem to run fine. Any ideas?

    Please email me since I seldom get a chance to read this group any
    more.  Thanks!



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1. PC-Speed vs. PC-Ditto II

The SI rating is somewhat biased.  What you should do is use the MIPS,
Landmark, or CPUSPD benchmarks.  The SI can be altered with simple things such
as wait states, ram fresh cycle, bumping up your ram to the highest speed that
speed of RAM.  Just by running SPEEDER (a ram refresh altering utility), I
bump my SI up by .3 from 15.6 to 15.9 on my 16 MHz/1 wait AT.  SI is a general
performance benchmark, not a CPU specific bench.  You can use SI for your hard
drive also, not very informative, but it's there.  The moral of the story is
that you want a CPU only bench, not a system bench (which is what SI is).  You
can bump your SI up by using a 16ms hard drive, but does that affect the
execution speed of programs?  No.  Similiar, on my system with an XT
controller, the total SI is 11.8.  That's a performance reduction by 1/3
almost just by adding hard drive I/O to the bench.  So interleaving, DMA
speed, and all of those other goodies can affect an SI.  Don't let an SI fool
you.  It's not that big of a deal, those tricks that are used to get that
extra 1.0 of SI you can probably do yourself by reinterleaving your hard
drive, altering ram refresh cycles, optimizing your hard drive regularly with
a disk optimizer, etc.  But NEVER use an SI as a basis for how fast the CPU

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