Anthony Howe's GAWK enquiry

Anthony Howe's GAWK enquiry

Post by David Meggins » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 13:41:00

You cannot use gsub() in GAWK because it is a part of the new, AT&T
sys V AWK, not the old, BSD AWK which GAWK is based on.  There is source
for a newer GAWK which supports _a few_ of the extra features found in
The AWK Book, and I should have it fully running in a few weeks.  Right
now the code runs fine, but it has not been written properly, so I
am having some problems with sub() and gsub().


1. anthony's editor in binaries archive?

Has anyone compiled Anthony's Editor, either the old
obfuscated version or the new Vi/Emacs mode version,
for their ST?  I have no C compiler, and would be
interested in the binary version; I'm hoping this
editor will be _small_.  I don't see ae in the archives,
maybe someone could put it there?

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