Semi-apology regarding my request of IB computers pricing [STe]

Semi-apology regarding my request of IB computers pricing [STe]

Post by Bryan Jones Woodwor » Fri, 22 Jun 1990 13:40:51

Hello, I received a complaint via email about my posting regarding IB
computers and what their pricing of STe computers is.

I am sorry if I "wasted bandwith," I was not thinking about usenet as usenet,
but as a BBS.  [I see a collective nodding of heads, like "ah hah, Just
what I suspected."]

The message I got in email was very disturbing and uncalled for.  I am glad
the majority of you are understanding and sympathetic when a person makes a


1. Semi-broken STE - Help!


I just picked up a 520STE at carboot sale for 1!

Just the 'puter.. no leads or anything. I didn't really expect it to work,
but surprisingly it is showing signs of life.. I could do with some help to
nurse it back to full health though.

It powers up and checks floppy drive ok.. then maybe 50% of the time, the
GEM desktop appears, and for a few minutes I can move mouse pointer, access
menus etc.. Then the screen goes black, and the floppy disk will click and
whirr... If I leave it, the screen seems to alternate between white, fading
to black.. then suddenly white again. The change from white to black seems
to coincide with the floppy drive being accesssed.

If I switch off, then back on it will usually be ok again.. for a while..

I've opened it up and pressed down on all the socketed chips I could see (2
under floppy drive and 1 square chip in big big recessed socket to the right
under the keyboard), removed & refitted the memory simms, which seems to
have made it run a little longer before dying, but it still isn't very

I'd love to get it working so if anybody could suggest anything I'd really
appreciate any help.


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