Free TeX for Amiga & Atari, Volunteer Needed

Free TeX for Amiga & Atari, Volunteer Needed

Post by Jon Rad » Sun, 01 Mar 1992 12:42:14

I have for some time now been involved with distribution
of TeX on floppies for PC clones and Macintoshs.  This
is now being handled by the TeX Users Group as a service
to TeX users who do not have good access to the online
archives of such material.

The only reason that the software is currently limited
to those two computer types is that those are the only
ones that I have particular experience with, or access
to.  This is, of course, rather silly, as there are
nice, free versions of TeX for other microcomputers

I would be interested in hearing from anyone with
knowledge of TeX on other platforms who could
steer me in the right direction, or who would
even consider volunteering to supply master floppies
with the software on them.  All I could give in
return would be your name in rather small lights
(though I could cover the postage, floppies, and
such things).

Thank you.


  P.O. Box 2276                            uupsi!radel!jon
  Reston, VA  22090-0276
  U.S.A.                       TeX Users Group board & PD software


1. Atari 1040 ST, Amiga 500 & Amiga 3000 forsale

I have the following systems forsale:

     Amiga 500 cpu with
          adram card (with 2.5 mb expandable to 3.5 mb)
          fatter Agnus chip (for 1 mb of chip ram)
          version 2.04 roms (will include ver. 1.3 if requested)
     1084s RGB monitor
     CLtd. SCSI Harddisk controller
     Future 500 sound digitizer

Asking $450.

     Atari 1040ST (1Mb of RAM)
     Atari SC1224 Color Monitor (with monitor stand)
     ICD SCSI Hard Disk Interface
          External Quantum 80 megabyte SCSI hard disk
          (in a small footprint case with fan and power supply)
     Omniswitch monitor switcher

Asking $350

     Amiga 3000
          25Mhz 68030 Processor
          5 megabytes of 32-bit RAM
          (enhanced chipset provides access to 2 megabytes of chipram)
     Built-in flicker fixer to display non-interlaced hi-res
     Internal Seagate 44 megabyte SCSI hard disk

Asking $700

If there are any questions about the systems, feel free to e-mail me.  I
will not consider splitting any of the systems up.


*  them without my expressed written conscent.  * In an electric storm *

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