Looking for modem, floppy drive and hard drive

Looking for modem, floppy drive and hard drive

Post by Ho Ling Che » Tue, 28 May 1991 13:11:37

I am looking for a 2400b modem, an external floppy drive and
a 40-60Mag hard drive (ready to be connected to my STe and used).

Anybody who are getting rid of theirs please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


1. Hard Drive/ Floppy Drive Combo System US$60!

I'm selling a nice external SCSI hard drive box with a
built in 720 kb floppy drive.  The box is Atari gray and
has about the same footprint a standard Atari colour monitor
(it nessles neetly under on of these units).  It is about
4" tall.

The case has an internal power supply, fan and two bays.
Bay one holds the hard drive (any standard 3.5" SCSI
unit) It already has a 20 mb hard drive installed in it
(replace it with a bigger unit if you want, but 20 meg goes
a long way with an ST).  Bay two is already populated with a
3.5" DS floppy drive, supported by a standard Atari controller
(also installed within the box).

The unit is priced at US$60 with both drives installed.  You'll
need a Link or Link II to connect the hard drive to an ST, or a
standard SCSI cable to attach the HDD to your Falcon or
TT (not included).  The standard ST/TT floppy cable is included
in the $60 price.  Buyer pays shipping.

Keith M.

613-727-0536 days
613-225-9643 evgs

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