SM124 problems

SM124 problems

Post by Earl Ho » Tue, 16 Mar 1993 05:36:25


After a harddisk write, the image on my SM124 will turn to a bunch of
squiggle lines (like the vert/horz setting gets all wacked).  This
doesn't happen an every disk write.  Sometimes it takes several writes
to disk (the write count is not constant) before the screen wacks out.
I also have a SC1224, but it never showed the problem.  If any of
you have susggestions on what could be causing it, please drop me note.

My system configuration:

    Mega ST2 w/Tos 1.2
    80Mb SCSI Harddisk w/ICD Host Adapter
    SM124 & SC1224 monitors w/Monitor Master
    V.32 9600 external UDS Motorola modem
    Golden Image Mouse

    Neodesk 3.0x
    (The screen wack-out has occured in any software when I was saving
     a file to disk: Word Writer, Pagestream).

I do not know if it is a virus since the bahavior occured after the
end of last summer where I had no contact with external software for
over 3 months (unless it is a dorment virus).  I do not have any good
virus programs for checking the harddisk, so if any can tell me where
one is, I'd be greatful.

Please respond via e-mail, Thank you.

    Earl Hood           |   Advanced Scientific Computing: OAC


SM124 problems

Post by Peter Miss » Fri, 19 Mar 1993 06:19:00

e>After a harddisk write, the image on my SM124 will turn to a bunch of
e>squiggle lines (like the vert/horz setting gets all wacked).  This

Try using a non-ICD harddisk cable. Some of them caused this kind of trouble.


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 >> Is LaceScan a hardware hack or software? never heard of it. has
 >> Hallvard heard of it? Hallvard are you reading this?
 h> Yup, I'm here ;-)
 h> I've got an Ste and therefore can't do any overscan modifications
 h> myself, but Lacescan as far as I know is both hard- and software
 h> orientated. I believe "Atari computing" had a feature about it a little
 h> while ago. I'll check which issue if you want me to.
Yup. I wrote it (g)

 h> (There was a software only version of it which should work for the STe,
 h> but I never got it to work, so I gave it up).
Slight difference, the emulator when run without the hardware will only give
you the normal size screen which then acts as a window onto whatever size
screen you've set the emulator for.

The emulation does work but you do need to pay careful attention to the docs,
there's a couple of ways to config the emulator.

Speak to 'ya later!


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