Magic Numbers

Magic Numbers

Post by Andrew Polla » Thu, 31 Jan 1991 23:13:48

 Does anyone know the 'magic numbers' for 'arc', 'zoo', 'lzh', etc files that
can be put into /etc/magic on unix systems (and for the similar 'file' program
available for the ST). I *did* have them, but have managed to delete them!!



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1. that magic number...

%lots of stuff deleted%
  >  There are over 15,000,000 PClones in the US.  Around 4,000,000
  %more stuff deleted%

Are you sure that there are one million Amigas in the *U.S.* ?
Commodore, like Atari, won't fess up to a number sold, as least
as far as I've heard.  Last time I saw the magic 1 mil associated
with Commodore it was for worldwide sales.
I'm not trying to start a numbers war here, and I'm certainly not
going to pretend that there have been more ST's then Amiga's sold
in this country, but I don't think the numbers as posted were
accurate.'s all a moot point.  The real concern is the lack
of software for BOTH machines.  Most industry writers will lump
together when and say niether has managed to get a real market

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