Amiga to Atari file X-fer HELP!!!!!

Amiga to Atari file X-fer HELP!!!!!

Post by L. J. Dick » Fri, 31 Jan 1992 23:37:00

>  At our local Cable Company, [...]
>#2 Can someone supply me with ANY kind of Atari Term Program?

A fine program is Uniterm.  It has Kermit built in, and responds
the the "Help" key in a helpful way.  
It is free and is available by anonymous ftp from .
I have used it for null modem transfers at 19 200 and was delighted.

There are several versions of uuencode available for free.  Two of
them produce files that are what unix would produce, but one, the
most popular around here, is UUE and UUD, which are compatible
with the posix uuencode, allows one to chain files.

Quote:>#3 Please note that I know MUCH about the Amiga and ALMOST NOTHING about
>the Atari.

I know almost nothing about the Amiga.

Leroy J. (Lee)*ey, Faculty of Mathematics, U of Waterloo, Canada  N2L 3G1


Amiga to Atari file X-fer HELP!!!!!

Post by Philipp Knirs » Fri, 31 Jan 1992 23:59:35

Quote:>  At our local Cable Company, they have several computer systems
>including an Amiga 500, and an Atari ST-(something). I noticed that
>the Atari Graphics program attached to the Slide Show program
>(It's used to run a text-ad channel) accepted IFF formatted files.
>Since I am the guy that created the iff files for the Amiga (Prevue Guide)
>They wondered if I could help with the Atari too. All my stuff is
>formatted in Amiga, though.... Here are my questions/problems...
>#1 Is Atari's idea of IFF compatable with Amiga's? (Probably)
>#2 Can someone supply me with ANY kind of Atari Term Program? Just
>enough to run a null modem file transfer. Any reasonable program,
>but i'd like to be able to set it to a high baud rate since this
>will be a local x-fer.  I am willing to type in an AtariBasic version
>of uudecode or some such, if that is possible, but not a huge terminal
>#3 Please note that I know MUCH about the Amiga and ALMOST NOTHING about
>the Atari.

So why don't you try a DOS2DOS programm on the amiga, such as
CrossDos or anything similar. They work very fine, are PD and
are much quicker than any RS232 could be...
 Read ya, Phil...



Well, both DOS2DOS and CrossDos are commercial programs, not PD.  There are
some PD programs that will do the job.  MSH 1.30 or MultiDos would work.  Well,
I'm not sure they could handle some of the extended format disks that many ST
users (like me) use.  Then again, they might.  I know Dos2Dos had no trouble
reading/writing 82 track/10 sector disks from my ST.  I just can't say about
the others.  Both MSH and MultiDos can be had by anonymous ftp from, MSH is also included in the demo version of the IBeM
software PC emulator on
cd to amiga, then utilities, then disk, and you will find:

msh-1.30.zoo and multidos.lzh
You can find ibem120.lzh in either incoming/amiga or in amiga/demos/commercial
- I'm not quite sure on that one.

I'm a little nervous about posting anything to do with the Amiga in here, but
there is a valid reason I think.  And it isn't a flame, kind of rare to make
mention of the Amiga in here without flames breaking out, heh.  It seems pretty
silly to me.  They are both good machines and I really don't understand why
everyone isn't off enjoying their own computer, rather than attacking what the
other guy bought.  The usual excuse is that they are 'correcting
misinformation'.  Trouble is, they usually add some of their own misinformation
in the process.  And on and on it goes, where is stops, nobody knows (although
most of us hope its soon, heh).  Anyway, hope I didn't post any misinformation,
or off we go again, heh.  At least I didn't cross-post it into the Amiga group.
 Thats how the worst flame wars get going from what I've seen.  Anyway, sorry,
couldn't resist throwing in a comment about the flames.  Don't think I've ever
posted anything about it before and don't plan to again.  Later..  Mark......

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