FS: 520ST/4 Meg/70 Meg HD/SC1224 Sys.

FS: 520ST/4 Meg/70 Meg HD/SC1224 Sys.

Post by John P. O'Ne » Fri, 08 Dec 1995 04:00:00

For Sale:

Atari 520ST upgraded to 4 Meg. memory
Atari SC1224 Color Monitor
70 Meg HD system using Adaptec ACB-4070 and
ICD HD Adapt. board
DeskCart cartridge w/clock
Mouse & Joystick
Owner's Manual

Software installed on HD includes:
STalker 3.02
PC Ditto 3.01
ST Xformer 2.55
Fractal Fantasy 2
DC Utilities
DeskCart Utilities
Min Cal Technical Calculator

$325.00 (U.S. only please)

I prefer to sell system as a whole but will accept offers on
individual items. Everything is in good working order.

Prepay or C.O.D. + shipping

John O'Neil