Some new eBay Atari 8-bit Auctions

Some new eBay Atari 8-bit Auctions

Post by Dean Garraght » Sun, 29 Dec 2002 04:24:44

Hello All,

I've just started a few new Atari 8-bit auctions, which are: 400/800 Tech
Ref Notes, 400/800 Basic Ref Manual, 800XL field service manual, De Re
Atari, and a set of European 800XL manuals. Follow the link to the first one
below, then click to see my other auctions to see the rest:

Dean Garraghty


1. New eBay auction: Atari 8-bit Monitor Port->SCART and RCA Deluxe version

Hello All,

I have just started a new eBay auction for an Atari 800/XL/XE Monitor Port
to SCART and RCA Phono cable. This new deluxe version will connect to both
SCART and RCA Phono, so it will work in almost any country, except
France/Russia who use SECAM (different type of Monitor Port). This deluxe
version is made from high spec translucent double insulated cable, with gold
plated plugs.

I also still have some items of software for auction, which are due to end
soon. This includes the Atari Unusual DOS Pack, which includes Atari DOS
1,3,4, and XE.

The link is below (this will split on to two lines, so please copy both
lines into your browser):

Dean Garraghty

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