A couple small questions

A couple small questions

Post by jam.. » Fri, 22 Jun 1990 01:36:25

First, I'd like to thank everybody who wrote me about my Time Bandits
question. I've finished the Excalibur and am now happily robbing other

Does anybody out there know of an ARC-type program that will work on files
compressed with a .ZIP extender? It's an IBM format, I think, and a couple
local boardarchive all their files this way.

Also, are there any FTP sites that carry DEGAS-format *s? I used to have
a good sized collection and they were wiped out when a disk went bad and
I'd like to rebuild it, if possible.

Once again, please reply via E-mail, to avoid cluttering the newsgroup.


James C. Lynn

All flames considered on basis or merit (i.e. ignored).


1. Wanted: internet address to Gadgets by Small or David Small...

I know, that these exist. Please, someone that knows, give me
this address! If there is a way to connect the Round Table of
Spectre users from here (see: Organization) please give that
information also!

Thanks, and merry Christmas to you all!

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