Seagate ST-157N Hard Drive

Seagate ST-157N Hard Drive

Post by WOJCIE » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 11:50:00

So far I found out that the hard drive that I have inside of my Mega STe 4 is
a Seagate ST-157N. Since it's an SCSI drive then the controller card should
support any other SCSI hard drive of the same size. Now, in concern that I
might damage something inside my computer (my experience in electronics is
close to nil) I never did open my Mega STe 4. I would like to upgrade this
ST-157N to something with greater capacity but before I do that I would like
to know what size and what type of hard drive I can replace my old drive with.
Specifically, I need to know the size; is it 3.5" or 5.25"? I know that the
new drive has to have parity disable, but I don't even know what it means.

I am a bit on defensive side here. Ready to take all the sneers that will
probably come my way but I believe that if I am to learn something I've got
to ask the questions.

Will someone please give me an in-depth explanation or direct me where I can
look for that info myself?

I would really appreciate your effort.


Seagate ST-157N Hard Drive

Post by Ed Krim » Sat, 07 Aug 1993 04:34:19

Replacing the internal drive in a MegaSTE or TT is really easy.

1. Remove the cover of the hard drive bay.  This is done by one*
under the computer.

2. Detach the power and SCSI cable from the drive.  Oh, you'll probably
also need to detach the drive activity (light) wire from the drive to the
front of the case.  (I'm doing this from memory.)

3. Remove the drive mech from the external hard drive bay housing.  The
drive should be mounted in there by four screws.  There might also be a
metal grating on the case, covering the bottom of the drive; this will
have to be removed too, probably first.

4. This Seagate 157N drive can be replaced with any other SCSI drive
conforming to the 3.5" form factor.  Good drives include Quantums and
Maxtors.  I have a Quantum LPS105S in my TT now, and I had one in my
MegaSTE.  I think there are 1gig drives in the 3.5" size, so they will fit
in there too.

Have fun.
 Ed Krimen

 AEO.5 (GEnie)


1. Seagate ST-157N Hard Driv

Hi, in answer to your question, the Seagate ST-157N is a 3.5 inch SCSI
hard disk, you can replace it with any 3.5 inch SCSI hard drive of any
make, all SCSI hard drive mad nowadays have an embedded controller and
the same interface so it's very simple to hook the new drive onto the
built in host adapter in the Mega STe.
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