Cuddly Demo on STe, something wrong??

Cuddly Demo on STe, something wrong??

Post by Wood C » Wed, 04 Mar 1992 18:49:49

        Just a quick question. I have just got the cuddly demo off
of a.a and demsa'ed it to my 1040STe, it appears to work fine
except for the old changing resoution problem. The menu screen starts
in low-rez and then flicks to medium res giving an ugly shadow effect.
        My orginal cuddly demo disk didn't load on the STe, but this
one does. I wondered if my cuddly msa file got corrupted on the way
over or if this has appeared on all STe's?


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Cuddly Demo on STe, something wrong??

Post by Iain Lask » Fri, 06 Mar 1992 10:34:19

AFAIK, the Cuddly demo doesn't run on an STe. It ran OK on my 1.4 machine
but fails on my 1.62 STe (not that it goes near the OS...)

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