GFA Basic graphics routines

GFA Basic graphics routines

Post by Matthew Smith-Stub » Thu, 12 Nov 1992 19:47:22

        I am using GFA Basic on an Atari ST (1/2 meg memory). I have been
  trying to use the following code to move a sprite around. The problem
  is the flickering on the screen. I have an idea that page flipping or the
  command VSYNC might help, but do not know how to use them.

   Here's the code :

                RBOX 10,10,100,100
                GET 9,9,101,101,box$
                FOR i=1 TO 100
                  PUT 10,x,box$
                NEXT x

        Also, is it possible to load GFA Basic programs with the .BAS
  file extention (I belive these are from GFA Basic 1.0). When I try to
  do this I get an error message saying 'Not GFA Basic version 3.5 file' :-(

        Thanks in advance,
                          Matthew Smith-Stubbs



GFA Basic graphics routines

Post by Jan T. K » Tue, 24 Nov 1992 10:52:53


Quote:>PLEASE TELL ME THIS: Is there a compiler for GFA 3.0 ???


Quote:>If so where do I get it? And, where could I find a manual for just the compiler
>on earlier versions. I bought a bunch of software from a guy, I got 3.0 in the
>box with manual. And an earlier version, but no manual. I am writting a cool
>game program, and everything was going fine, then all of a sudden I was unable
>to compile it. My work has screeched to a stop because of this!!

Regarding  getting  a  working  version  of  the  compiler,   the
situation  seems  to  be  kinda unclear these days, as Richter is
continuing the ST version of GFA basic, but GFA themselves  maybe
too...  at  any  rate,  the best advice I can think of is contact
either Richter or GFA. One of them should be able to  inform  you
about the compiler.
Another possibility may be, try to update to GFA basic  3.5.  The
update price should be moderate, and it's worth it anyway.
Sorry, I don't have any addresses handy right now, but  both  the
GFA  address  and  Richter's  address  used to be around in other
postings these days...

Quote:>I want to finish this program, I already have 100 hours into it, several sound
>samples, and lots of work with Degas.

Wish you good luck and lots of fun!

Quote:>Also, another question while we are on the subject:
>Is there any source code out there (GFA) that will play digitized samples and
>leave the os free to do other things while these samples play?

I  never  did  anything  like  that  myself,  but  I'm  sure  you
absolutely  can't  do  a  background sample player in GFA for the
plain old ST. Getting arbitrary samples out of the  PSG  requires
exceedingly  fast  and well-timed loops and can therefore only be
done in assembly language. The newer Ataris  (STe  and  TT)  that
have DMA sound are another matter, but still, if you want to have
CPU time for other purposes, assembly language is the way to go.

Greetinx, Jan

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As far as I know, as of GFA v3.5E, GFA was trying to promote cross
platform capabilities with Amiga and PC versions of GFA Basic.

As long as you stay clear of machine specific peeks, pokes, and hardware
registers, etc. most GFA commands should translate smoothly over to the
PC.  Don't forget that the PC versions were developed after the Atari
versions so compatibility was most likely retained.

If you are really concerned, try contacting GFA directly about code


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