Falcon 030

Falcon 030

Post by john.masterma » Sat, 24 Feb 2001 09:05:58

I have been fortunate to acquire a standard boxed 030 and also a cased 030
along with a batch of STEs and Mono Monitors...second drives etc. Can anyone
tell me if the cased 030 was an Atari product or if it was a third party
make-up. The cased one uses an external separate keyboard which is kosher as
near as I can tell. It carries the appropriate badge but its built into its
own casing... a bit like a pc kb. This one seems to have a lot more
interfaces around the case too and the case is fitted with the small *
feet on one edge as if for a knee hole standing position in a desk. Since
there was no kb cable with it, I haven't tried to fire it up yet... got to
find a din to din lead... not the audio variety, no central pin just five
around the bottom circumference. Anyone know any details?

There were some add-on boards for the cartridge port which appear to be for
operating/running robot kits built from Lego Technic... a couple of manuals
were included. There's no Lego... just the boards, books, and discs. Its
marked Personal Robot Ltd. Perhaps someone out there knows a bit about these



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But which actual drives run proper in the Atari Falcon?
Is the Falcon capable of working with an actual 20 GB-Drive? (lesser
capacaties are hardly found)
Other solutions like external SCSI-Drives are not an option for me.
Which Hard-Disc-Driver should be used? How to partition that?

Greetings, Chris.

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