evnt_multi() mouse button event behavior?

evnt_multi() mouse button event behavior?

Post by Stephen Jaco » Wed, 12 Sep 1990 05:51:46

This keeps getting in my way, and I keep working around it.  When exactly
does a properly set-up evnt_multi() get mouse button events?  The latest
situation is that I'm waiting for (among other things) single button clicks
over the part of the screen my application owns.  When I open the control
panel over my window, I can move the color selector buttons around to my
heart's content without getting spurious messages.  But when I try to drag
the control panel window around on the screen, I get a mouse button event
exactly as the mouse pointer leaves the original outline of the c.p.w.
This doesn't match the documentation (as I read it).  So what's really
happening here?  Is it TOS version dependent?  And to what extent does
someone care to explain the rest of the REAL behavior of this type of event?
                                      Steve J.

1. Mouse Buttons: how do you receive both using evnt_multi() ??

I want to receive both mouse buttons using evnt_multi().
The Atari Doc say that for evnt_button() that the parm for the mouse
buttons you're waiting for is a bit mask with the left button as
0x0001 and the right as 0x0002. Also they say that the button state
(up/down) also uses the same bit positions so that:

breturn = evnt_button( 1, 0x3, 0x3, &mx, &my, &buttons, &kstate );

says to me wait for one click of either left or right mouse buttons.
Now evnt_multi() says it uses the definition from evnt_button().

YET...Atari Canada Newletter V1 #3 (yes they did once exist and
everytime I call Julius at Atari Canada he says he's preparing the
next release, the next newsletter will most likely be a book :) on
the last page mentions Right Mouse Button Handling and that I'm
suppose to tweek vex_butv() to setup my own handler for button changes.


Well how do I get both mouse buttons?

- Ant

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