Reinhard's Rarities Auction Update 9-29-98

Reinhard's Rarities Auction Update 9-29-98

Post by Reinhard Pribi » Thu, 01 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Welcome to yet another Reinhard's Rarities Auction!
I have the following items available in my current auction.
I'm looking to trade for Atari 2600 and Atari 400/800 carts ONLY!

You can find a list of what I already have on my Atari 2600 pages at:

I'm looking for Atari 2600 and Atari 400/800 stuff not on my list,
so please e-mail me with any trade offers. There are only a few
rules to help speed this along...

1) Don't bid unless you plan to buy
2) I reserve the right to trade or pull any item

Bid increments:  
             $1: Amounts from $1 to $20
             $2: Amounts from $21 to $40
             $3: Amounts from $41 to $60
             $5: Amounts over $60

I'd prefer payment of a U.S. Postal Money Order, available at the post
office for 85 cents, and will ship the day or day after the M.O. arrives.
Items will be sent 2 weeks after payment by check to ensure the check
clears. Buyer pays shipping, which is $3 flat for any number of carts,
shipped within Canada/US. The shipping on systems, controllers, etc. or
for winners in overseas destinations will be the exact shipping cost.

This auction will run until Wednesday, September 30, 1998 and
switch to an e-mail only 24-hour Once-Twice-Sold format.

You can get an up-to-the-minute auction update before you bid at:

Thanks, Reinhard

Stella Gets A New Brain - Atari 2600 Supercharger CD #261 of 350
        Mint condition with manual and jewel case       22      Jaguar

32 in 1 Game Cartridge (PAL)(Atari)                      6      spidweb
Acid Drop (Salu)(PAL)(mint w/box & manual)           6      spidweb
Adventures of Tron (M-Network)                           4      spidweb
Adventures on GX-12 (Telegames)(PALmnt w/B&M)                6      spidweb
Airlock (Data Age)                                       4      spidweb
Alien (20th Century Fox)                                 4      spidweb
Alpha Beam with Ernie (Atari)                            4      san-d
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris (Xonox)                      6      spidweb
Bank Heist (20th Century Fox)(good label)                4      shobe1
Bank Heist (20th Century Fox)(writing on end label)      4      spidweb
Beamrider (Activision)                                   7      spidweb
Beany Bopper (20th Century Fox)                          3      san-d
Bermuda Triangle (Data Age)                              4      shobe1
Blueprint (CBS)                                          4      shobe1
BMX Airmaster (TNT)(box, manual)                         7      spidweb
Bobby Geht Heim (PAL)(Bit Corp.)(box,man)                6      spidweb
Bogey Blaster (Telegames)(PAL)(mint w/B&M)           6      spidweb
Bridge (Activision)(manual & bid tips)                       3      shobe1
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (Sega)                      10      shobe1
Bugs (Data Age)                                          4      spidweb
Bump 'N' Jump (M-Network)                                4      spidweb
California Games (Epyx)                                  2      shobe1
Challenge of Nexar, The (Spectravision)                  3      Deleto
Chase The Chuck Wagon (Spectravision)(exc. cond.)       140     shobe1
Coconuts (Fancy cart)(Telesys)                           4      san-d
Commando (Activision)                                    4      spidweb
Cookie Monster Munch (Atari)                             2      shobe1
Crackpots (Activision)                                   3      shobe1
Crossbow (Atari)                                         4      spidweb
Cross Force (PAL)(Spectravision)                         6      spidweb
Decathlon (Activision)(shrinkwrapped)                    7      spidweb
Dishaster (very tiny piece torn from end label)(Zimag)   6      san-d
Donkey Kong Jr (Coleco)                                  2      shobe1
Earth Dies Screaming, The (20th Century Fox)             5      san-d
Eggomania (Fancy cart)(US Games)                         2      shobe1
Fantastic Voyage (20th Century Fox)                      4      spidweb
Fast Eddie (20th Century Fox)                            2      shobe1
Fast Food (Telesys)                                      2      shobe1
Fatal Run (Atari)(PAL)(loose)                           10      shobe1
Fatal Run (Atari)(PAL)(shrinkwrapped)                   15      shobe1
Fathom (Imagic)                                          4      spidweb
Fire Fly (Mythicon)                                      4      spidweb
Frankenstein's Monster (Data Age)(torn end/front label)  4      spidweb
Front Line (Coleco)                                      4      spidweb
Gangster Alley (Spectravision)                           2      shobe1
Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak (Xonox)                         3      shobe1
Gopher (US Games)                                        3      shobe1
Gorf (CBS)                                               2      shobe1
Gyruss (Parker Brothers)                                 7      spidweb
Infiltrate (Apollo)                                      2      shobe1
James Bond 007 (Parker Brothers)                         5      Deleto
Jawbreaker (Tigervision)                                 4      spidweb
Kool-Aid Man (M-Network)                                 3      shobe1
Krull (Atari)                                            2      shobe1
Kung Fu Superkicks (Telegames)                           7      spidweb
Laser Gates (Imagic)                                     4      spidweb
Lost Luggage (Apollo)                                    3      shobe1
M.A.D. (US Games)                                        2      shobe1
Marauder (PAL)(Tigervision)                              7      spidweb
Mega Force (20th Century Fox)                            2      shobe1
Miner 2049er (Tigervision)                              10      baggs
Mission 3000 (PAL)(Bit Corp.)(box,man)                   5      shobe1
Mogul Maniac (tiny "JD" written on label)(Amiga)       5      san-d
Moonsweeper (Imagic)                                     5      shobe1
Mountain King (CBS)                                      4      shobe1
Name This Game (U.S. Games)                              4      spidweb
No Escape (Imagic)                                       2      shobe1
Off The Wall (Atari)(loose)                              4      spidweb
Off The Wall (Atari)(PAL???)(shrinkwrapped)              5      shobe1
Omega Race (CBS)                                         4      spidweb
Phantompanzer (???)(PAL)                                 4      spidweb
Pick 'n Pile (Ubi Soft)(PAL)(mint w/B&M)            10      Deleto
Picnic (US Games)                                        3      Deleto
Pitfall II (Activision)                                  4      sbendz
Plaque Attack (Activision)                               4      shobe1
Pooyan (Konami)                                          4      spidweb
Pressure Cooker (Activision)                             3      shobe1
Quickstep (Imagic)                                       5      san-d
Rampage (Activision)(PAL)(mint w/B&M)                        3      shobe1
River Raid II (Activision)(PAL)(loose)                   5      shobe1
River Raid II (Activision)(PAL)(mint w/B&M)          5      shobe1
Roc 'N Rope (CBS)(PAL)(mint w/B&M)                   5      shobe1
Roc 'N Rope (Coleco)                                     3      shobe1
Secret Quest (Atari)                                     4      spidweb
See-Monster (???)(PAL)                                   3      shobe1
Skate Boardin' (Absolute)                                5      san-d
Skeet Shoot (Apollo)                                     4      shobe1
Sky Skipper (Parker Brothers)                            3      shobe1
Slot Machine (with manual)(Atari)                        2      shobe1
Snoopy and the Red Baron (Atari)                        11      teardrop
Solar Fox (CBS)                                          3      shobe1
Sorcerer (Mythicon)                                      4      spidweb
Sorcerer's Apprentice (Atari)                            6      spidweb
Space Cavern (Apollo)                                    3      shobe1
Space Chase (Apollo)                                     4      shobe1
Squeeze Box (US Games)                                   3      spidweb
Star Fox (Mythicon)                                      5      san-d
Star Strike (M-Network)                                  5      combee
Star Wars: Jedi Arena (Parker Brothers)                  4      shobe1
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Parker Brothers)             TRADED
Stargate (Atari)                                         3      shobe1
Steeplechase (Sears)                                     9      shobe1
Stellar Track (Sears)                                    3      shobe1
Strategy X (torn end label)(Konami)                      4      spidweb
Super-Ferrari (Star Soft)(PAL)                           3      shobe1
Survival Run (Milton Bradley)(with End Label!)           5      shobe1
Tac-Scan (Sega)                                          4      san-d
Tanks But No Tanks (tiny tear/tape on end label)(Zimag)  4      shobe1
Tapper (Sega)                                            7      spidweb
Taz (Atari)                                              4      spidweb
Thunderground (Sega)                                     4      shobe1
Title Match Pro Wrestling (Absolute)                     4      spidweb
Tron Deadly Discs (M-Network)                            3      shobe1
Turmoil (20th Century Fox)                               3      shobe1
Wizard of Wor (CBS)                                      2      shobe1
Worm War I (20th Century Fox)                            3      shobe1
Xenophobe (Atari)(PAL)(loose)                            3      shobe1
Xenophobe (Atari)(PAL)(shrinkwrapped)                    7      spidweb
Zaxxon (Coleco)                                          3      shobe1

Pair of Atari 2600 Track & Field Controllers                 7      spidweb
Pair of Atari 2600 Keyboard controllers                  3      shobe1

Alien Ambush (Dana)                                      3      sbolton
Astrochase (Parker Brothers)                             1      Jaguar
Buck Rogers: Planet of Doom (Sega)                       1      sbolton
Choplifter (Broderbund)                                  1      sbolton
Congo Bongo (Sega)                                       1      sbolton
Donkey Kong Jr.  (Atari)                                 2      jxlcad
Gyruss (Parker Brothers)                                 3      sbolton
Jumpman Jr. (Epyx)                                       1      sbolton
Miner 2049'er (Big Five)                                 3      shobe1
Pitfall (Activision)                                     1      sbolton
Q-Bert (Parker Brothers)                                 1      shobe1
Rally Speedway (Scott Adams)                             5      Jaguar
River Rescue (Thorn EMI)(box, manual)                    4      jxlcad
Shamus (Synapse)(shrinkwrapped)                          5      sbolton
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: DSB (loose, manual)       3      shobe1
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: DSB (shrinkwrapped)       5      shobe1
Wizard of Wor (Roklan)                                   3      sbolton

Flight Simulator II - Disk, Pilot's Operating Handbook and Airplane
Flight Manual, Flight Physics & Aircraft Control Manual, AT-FS2 Flight
Reference Card & Ver. 1.05 Release Notes. Also includes the Scenery Disk
 (1. Chicago 2. Los Angeles 3. Seattle 4. New York) and Mint condition
reference charts for all 4 cities. With original box     5      shobe1

The following Atari 8-bit INFOCOM disk games are all in MINT condition,
containing ALL of the contents and extras to all of these games in MINT
condition! All the boxes are near mint to excellent condition - only
Hollywood Hijinx has a very slight bend in the front box cover.
All these games require at least 48K of RAM.

Ballyhoo                                                 5      rice
Cutthroats                                               5      shobe1
Deadline                                                 5      shobe1
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The                    5      shobe1
Hollywood Hijinx                                         5      shobe1
Infidel                                                  5      shobe1
Leather Goddess of Phobos                                5      rice
Lurking Horror, The                                      5      shobe1
Moonmist                                                 5      shobe1
Planetfall                                               5      shobe1
Plundered Hearts                                         5      rice
Stationfall                                              5      shobe1
Suspect                                                  5      rice

Congo Bongo (Sega)                                       3      spidweb
Mr. Do!'s Castle (Parker Brothers)                       7      spidweb
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Parker Bros)                 7      spidweb
Pengo (Atari)                                            1      shobe1
Q-Bert (Parker Brothers)                                 1      shobe1
Rescue on Fractalus (sealed)(Lucasfilm)                  7      spidweb
River Raid (Activision)                                  3      spidweb

#1 Atari 5200 Competition-Pro Joystick                  10      min
#2 Atari 5200 Competition-Pro Joystick                  10      min

#1 Atari 5200 Wico Command Control Controller w/Y cable 15      baggs
#2 Atari 5200 Wico Command Control Controller w/Y cable 15      min
#3 Atari 5200 Wico Command Control Controller w/Y cable 15      min

F-18 Hornet (Absolute)                                   6      brclarke
Kung-Fu Master (Absolute)                                6      brclarke

Artillery Duel (Xonox)                                   9      spidweb
BC's Quest for Tires (Sierra On-Line)(box,manual)        5      spidweb
Blockade Runner (Interphase)                             5      spidweb
Centipede (Atarisoft)                                    5      spidweb
Defender (Atarisoft)                                     3      shobe1
Galaxian  (Atarisoft)                                    5      spidweb
Gateway To Apshai (Epyx)                                 3      shobe1
Illusions (Coleco)                                       6      spidweb
It's Only Rock 'N Roll (Xonox)(small tears)              7      spidweb
Motocross Racer (Xonox)                                  7      spidweb
Mr. Do!'s Castle (Parker Brothers)                      12      spidweb
Squish 'Em Sam (Interphase)                              3      shobe1
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Parker Bros)                 7      spidweb
Tomarc The Barbarian (Xonox)                             7      spidweb

CV Expansion Module #1 (mint cond w/box & manual)    5      min
ColecoVision Power Supply                      

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Reinhard's Rarities Auction Update 9-29-98

Post by Ianoi » Thu, 01 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I suggest for the future, you 'code' you bidders- can you make me #10, instead
of ianoid or ibaronof??? Picky, huh?

Reinhard Pribish wrote:
> -----------------
> Pengo (Atari)                                            1      shobe1  to
> $2
> CV Expansion Module #1 (mint cond w/box & manual)        5      min   to $5

> ------------
> River Rescue (Thorn EMI)(box)                            1      avidgamr to
> $2
> AD&D:Treasures of Tarmin (Mattel Aquarius)               1      shobe1 to $2

> Microvision unit with Blockbuster cartridge              5      shobe1 to $6

> * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

> VIC-20 PACKAGE  #2                                       5      min to $5
> ------------------
> * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

> ATARI 5200 PACKAGE                                      25      min to $25

Hey- when does this auction end?

OK, here's my tradelist- I have some 8-bit games (XE) to put on there- need to
check on which I have- I have an extra food fight, at least.

9/28/98  titles with p in front arepending in trade complete games have box,
instructions and overlay if applicable

Activision Boxing 2inst only
Activision Chopper Command box only
Activision Decathlon loose, complete
Activision Dolphin
Activision Enduro
Activision Grand Prix inst only
Activision Kaboom box only
Activision Keystone Kapers
Activision Laser Blast
Activision Oink!--
Activision Pitfall //---
Activision Plaque Attack---
Activision River Raid
Activision Robot Tank complete
Activision Seaquest
Activision Skiing
Activision Space Shuttle
Activision Stampede, inst
Apollo Infiltrate--
CBS Blue Print
CBS Wizard of Wor
CBS Gorf
CBS Solar Fox
Coleco Mouse Trap--
pColeco Mr. Do!
Data Age Bugs
Data Age Encounter at L5
Epyx California Games--
Epyx Summer Games--
Imagic Riddle of the Sphinx cart, inst
Imagic Atlantis complete, box only
Imagic Star Voyager complete
Imagic Fathom
Imagic Fire Fighter
Imagic Dragonfire
M-network Armor Ambush
M-Network Astroblast
M-network Dark Cavern
M-network Space Attack loose
M-network Super Challenge Football inst only
Parker Brothers Amidar with inst
Parker Brothers Frogger boxed, box/inst only
Parker Brothers GI Joe
Parker Brothers Reactor boxed, complete
Parker Brothers Star Wars: Jedi Arena
Parker Brothers Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi:DSB
Parker Brothers Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, inst
Parker Brothers Spiderman--, inst
Playaround Burning Desire/Bachelorette Party sw
Playaround Philly Flasher/Cathouse Blues sw
Sears Arcade Pinball
Sears Baseball
Sears Blackjack
Sears Bowling
Sears Basketball inst only
Sears Circus
Sears Gunslinger
Sears Missile Command
Sears Space Invaders
Sears Target Fun---
Spectravision Planet Patrol-
Spectravision Gangster Alley
Starpath Communist Mutants from Outer Space cassette in case only
Telesys Cosmic Creeps handle--
20th Century Fox Megaforce
20th Century Fox Crypt of Chaos
20th Century Fox Beany Bopper
20th Century Fox Turmoil--
US Games Space Jockey
US Games Commando Raid
US Games Towering Inferno
US Games Word Zapper
US Games Name that Game (End label missing)
Xonox Chuck Norris Super Kicks/Artillery Duel (2)- one is normal, two Chuck
doesnt work
Xonox Spikes Peak/Artillery Duel
Atari 32 in 1 (pal)
Atari Asteroids complete
Atari Berzerk complete
Atari Backgammon
Atari Basic Programming
Atari Battlezone sw
Atari Blackjack, inst
Atari Brain Games (end label missing)
Atari Defender complete
Atari Donkey Kong
Atari Dukes of Hazzard (best proto)
Atari Gravitar sw
Atari Joust complete
Atari Kangaroo sw
Atari Midnight Magic
Atari Miniature Golf
Atari Ms. Pac-Man boxed, sw
Atari Phoenix sw
Atari Realsports Boxing ('Jesus' on label')
Atari Road Runner box only
Atari Solaris loose, sw
Atari Space War
Atari Sprintmaster
Atari Star Raiders box only (surface wear)
Atari Star Ship
Atari Video Chess--
Atari several loose commons
Atari keyboard controllers
Atari remote control joysticks with base unit
Instructions: Missile Command, Pac-Man
discwasher pointmaster rapid fire attachment
Sears Video Arcade //('2800')
Gemini combo paddle/stick
Spectra Quickshot I
Suncom Tac 5
Wico Boss
six shooter cart switcher (missing 1 button)
Amiga powerstick
consoles, joysticks, paddles, racing controllers, keyboard controllers
instructions: asteroids--, berzerk, basketball, bowling--, circus atari,
combat--, defender, indy 500, missile command, outlaw, space invaders,
catalogs: parker bros 83, Epyx(no cover), Atari 45, Atari 49

Star Wars TAG
Frogger (no label)
Quest for Quintana Roo
Centipede complete
Countermeasure 2o only
Dig Dug
Pac-Man 2o only
Star Raiders complete, sw---
4-port console complete (2 sticks, ps, switchbox)

Ace of Aces sw
Asteroids complete, loose
Ballblazer sw
Centipede sw--
Cracked sw
Crossbow sw
Desert Falcon sw
Dig Dug sw
Donkey Kong sw
Donkey Kong Jr sw
Food Fight--
Galaga sw
Hat Trick sw
Jinks sw
Joust sw
Meltdown sw
Mat Mania sw
Ms. Pac-Man
One-on-One sw
Pole Position II
Realsports Baseball sw
Scrapyard Dog sw?
Super Huey sw
Tower Toppler sw
Xevious sw

Atari 8-bit
Activision River Raid
Atari Atariwriter
Atari Track and Field complete with controller
Atari 810/815 diagnostic rev E factory eeprom
Atari Stargate prototype
Parker Bros Frogger
Parker Bros Popeye
Spinnaker Alphabet Zoo
CBS K-razy Kritters
CBS K-razy Antics
Epyx Pitstop
Epyx Temple of Apshai 5 ? disk complete
Epyx Puzzle Panic 5 ? disk shrinkwrapped
Atari Computer Chess
Atari ET: the Extra Terrestrial
Atari Caverns of Mars (disk, untested) complete
Atari Intro to Programming 2&3 (tape, untested ) complete
Atari 5 1/4" disks, boxed, sw
Atari Blackjack (tape, untested) complete
Atari 400 computer with power supply

Atari Lynx
Joust sw

console compete, system changer, super action controllers, Driving Controller
(pedal works poorly)
Cabbage Patch Kids:Picture Show
Cabbage Patch Kids:Adventure in the Park
Centipede loose--, sw
Cosmic Avenger
Defender sw, loose
Donkey Kong
Pitstop(no label)
Q-bert--, inst
Rocky Super Action Boxing
Space Fury
Super Action Basball, inst
Tournament Tennis(no label)--
Turbo, inst
Venture, inst

Pointmaster Stick attachments(2)
INTV: Commando, Dig Dug, Hover Force, Pac-Man w/inst, Slam Dunk Super Pro
Basketball, Super Pro Football, Thunder Castle, Tower of Doom--, World
Championship Baseball
Atarisoft: Centipede complete, loose
Interphase: Blockade Runner, Sewer Sam
Activision: Beamrider box only, Dreadnaught Factor boxed with instructions,
loose, Pitfall complete, loose, 4o, inst
Coleco: Carnival(+2inst), Donkey Kong(and inst),Venture(inst only), Zaxxon
Imagic: Atlantis (boxed, 2o), Beauty and the Beast(boxed, 2o, loose), Demon
Attack(boxed, loose, 4o, inst), Dracula loose, Dragonfire--(2o), Ice
Trek(boxed), Microsurgeon (complete--, 4o), Safecracker, Swords and
Serpants(loose, complete), Tropical Trouble, Truckin(1o)
AD&D--, 3o, inst
Armor Battle, 3o, 3inst
Astrosmash complete, loose---, 2o, inst
Auto Racing--
B-17 Bomber--, 2o, inst
Basketball 2o only
Bomb Squad--, 2o, inst
Bowling ,1o, inst
Boxing complete, loose---, 5o, 3inst
Burgertime complete, loose, 3o
Buzz Bombers--
Checkers boxed, 2o
Football 4o, 3inst, 4plybk, loose--
Frog Bog, 2o, inst
Golf complete, loose, 1o, inst
Horse Racing, inst
Kool-aid Man loose, 2o, inst
Las Vegas Roulette (end label missing) complete
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack complete, loose--, 3o, inst
LockNChase---, 3inst, 4o
Locomotion 2o, inst
Major League Baseball, inst, 4o
Math Fun loose--
Mission-X, 2o, 2inst
NASL Soccer--, 2o, inst
NBA Basketballcomplete, loose--, inst
NHL Hockey complete, loose, 3o, inst
Night Stalker--, 2o, inst
Reversi complete, loose, 2o, inst
Royal Dealer
Sea Battle complete, loose--, 2o, inst
Shark Shark
Skiing----, 2o, inst
Snafu--, 1o, 2inst
Space Armada-complete, 1o, inst
Space Battle---, 4o, 2inst
Space Spartans---, 5o, 2inst
Star Strike complete, loose--, 5o, 2inst
Stampede inst only
Sub Hunt, 3o, inst
Space Armada Brazillian release sw,in portuguese
Tennis complete, loose--, 2o, inst
Triple Action--, 4o, 2inst
Tron Deadly Discs--,1o
Tron Maze-A-Tron, 4o, inst
Utopia loose--
Vectron--, 2o, inst
Catalog- Intellivision 1982
Sears Super Video Arcade,  Intellivision (boxed with foam, loose),
Intellivision // (with inst), and INTV /// consoles, intellivoice----

loose 2 controllers only
AD&D Treasure of Tarmin

Channel F
#1 complete, loose
#2 complete
#3 loose
#4 complete
#9 complete, loose
#12 complete, loose
#16 loose
#17 loose
Saba #1 no label
Loose Controller

Arcadia 2001
Cat Trax
Space Attack
Tanks A Lot

Spectravision tapes, untested in cases
US Geography
Financial Calculator
Spectra Home  Economist

0dyssey 2!
Videopac #11 Cosmic Conflict
Videopac#30 Battlefield
Videopac #51 Terrahawks complete
Videopac#38 Munchkin
Imagic Demon Attack
Parker Bros Q-bert boxed
Armoured Encounter!/Sub Chase! Complete
Alien Invaders Plus complete
Alpine Skiing!
Attack of the Timelord!
Blackjack! complete, loose
Bowling!/Basketball! Complete, boxed
Blockout/Breakdown! complete, boxed, loose--
Baseball! boxed
Cosmic Conflict! Complete, boxed
Computer Golf! Complete--
Computer Intro! Complete, loose---
Conquest of the World! Complete(77/100 PBUs, otherwise complete, box has wear
), bag of extra magnets
Football! complete
Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt complete(box has wear, missing 16/28 M/S
Hockey!/Soccer! complete
Ive Got Your Number
KC Munchkin! Complete--
Keyboard Creations! Complete(inst?), loose--
Monkeyshines! Loose, complete
Pachinko! boxed
Pocket Billiards!
Quest for the Rings complete!, almost complete(missing only 3 pieces!), almost
complete(missing most pieces, with label tear)
Showdown in 2100AD!
Sid the Spellbinder! ...

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