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Usenet News

Post by Steve God » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 02:30:00

I'm sure everyone here has posted this message once or twice in their computer lifetimes, but now it's my turn...

Does anyone know what happened with Atari's AMY sound chip???

From what I've heard, Atari stopped working on it about the time the 130XE hit the market.  Then they sold the chip/etc to a third party developer who was planning to make it into an add-on expansion board/bo for the 8-bit and/or ST computers.  But this was some time around 1986!!!  What's the deal???

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1. USENET News feed to ST?

Hello again,
        I'm forwarding the following for my friend.  Please reply

Has anyone ever tried to get a direct feed of Usenet into their ST?  Is
there a way to make an ST a USENET site.  I am thinking of getting at
least 80-150 megs of storage for my ST and I was curious if this was
possible.  My university has very restrictive access to Usenet (you can
only read it if you're a student).  Also, is there a way to post to
Usenet through FIDO?  Please send the info to the address below as a
friend is forwarding this for me.  Thanks.

Chris Mauritz

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