FS: StereoTek 3D Glasses

FS: StereoTek 3D Glasses

Post by DAVID JIN » Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        I have two pairs of StereoTek: Three Dimensional Glasses that come
complete with software, manual and plug-in module within their original
boxes.  None of the equipment is damaged but I'm not sure if it still works
or not as I haven't tried them since 1987 or so and don't currently have
the means to do so.

interested in making an offer



1. Question about Stereotek 3D Glasses

Date:     Fri, 15 May 87 14:06 N

Subject:  Question about Stereotek 3D Glasses

Apart from being an Atari-ST fanatic, I am very much interested in Stereoscopy.
One of the reasons i bought an Atari is because I wanted to do something with
3-D in Stereo. Therefore I am very much interested in reports on the Stereo
Glasses from Stereotek (or is it Antic?).
Now my question? Are the Stereotek glasses anything more than an object seen
on shows or are they really on the market? My experience with stereo in the
current photography world is than the manufacurers think stereophotography
a nice thing to have on shows, but is'nt something to put serious effort in.
If they are marketed, is it in the USA only, or can you also get them in

                        Thanks in advance for any answers,

                                        R. Prins,
                                        Leiden - Netherlands.

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