PD or Shareware source for driving simulator

PD or Shareware source for driving simulator

Post by FIEL00 » Thu, 31 Dec 1992 07:17:10

I am trying to setup a research project for a student interested in
driver/operator drowziness or fatique.  We would like to use a real-
time activity such as driving, radar scope monitoring or some such to
make the task credible to subjects over a period of several hours.  I
have done some programming on 8bit Ataris and have GFA Basic 3.0 but do
not have time to build a programme from scratch. However the project
require us to be able to insert various "events" into the process for us
to detect the subjects vigilance.  Thus, I am asking for help in finding
appropriate source code that I can have permission to alter for this

I tried ftping trucker from a.a but can't unlzh it.  Any ideas or
suggestions will be gratefully received.  Thanks in advance

Don Fields,  UNB Sleep Lab
Psychology Department
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton  NB  Canada  E3B 6E4


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