Atari and T.O.S. and S.T.:....

Atari and T.O.S. and S.T.:....

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S.T. was rumored to be Sam Tramiel but it's supposed to be
Six*/Thirty Two.

T.T., I'm guessing as True Thirty Two.

T.O.S. could be Tramiel Operating System but the T. means something I can't
remember right now...

To tell you the truth, Mr. Amiga user, I don't think it really matters.
You're just trying to find something to flame about... Get real...

Kaho Chan.


1. GNU-Emacs 18.51 for Atari ST (TOS) posted to

Today i have submitted my port of GNU Emacs for Atari ST computers to the
atari binaries group. The port has been done with gcc V1.30 . The only missing
features are those related to multitasking/multiuser environments like
asynchronous processes. 'call-process' is implemented through system()-calls.

implementation of dired written with emacs functions.
The executable program runs on 1MB of memory but more is recommended.

- Edgar

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