eBay auctions: Atari 8-bit Monitor Socket to SCART or RCA cables

eBay auctions: Atari 8-bit Monitor Socket to SCART or RCA cables

Post by Dean Garragh » Wed, 16 Jul 2003 21:48:53

Hello All,

Just a quick message to let you know that I currently have eBay
auctions running for an Atari 800/XL/XE Monitor socket to SCART cable,
and Monitor Socket to RCA Phono cable. These cables plug into the
computer's monitor socket and deliver unmodulated composite video (and
sound) to the TV either through the SCART socket, or RCA Phono
sockets. This will improve the video/sound quality and will help if
your computer's built-in TV modulator is no longer sending out a
tunable signal.

The link is below (if it splits onto two lines, be sure to copy the
whole link into your browser):


Dean Garraghty


1. eBay auctions: Atari Monitor socket to SCART and RCA Phono cables

Hello All,

I have auctions not far off closing for an Atari 800/XL/XE Monitor Port to
SCART cable and an Atari 800/XL/XE Monitor Port to RCA Phono cable. These
are suitable for PAL or NTSC systems (but NOT SECAM). They are useful if
your TV output has become noisy. These cables use unmodulated composite
signals to carry the picture and sound to the TV and give a far superior
image to the RF (TV) cable.

II also have some software for auction, including the Atari Unusual DOS
Pack, which includes Atari DOS 1,3,4, and XE.

The link is below (this will split on to two lines, so please copy both
lines into your browser):


Also, does anyone want a monitor port to S-Video cable (C/Y)? I'm thinking
of producing those too soon. These can be Monitor port to 4-pin mini-DIN
S-Video plug + RCA Phono for Audio, or monitor port to TYPE 2 SCART (type 2
SCART has Y/C but no RGB). Type 2 is found on TV sets with more than one
SCART socket, and is usually socket 2 (or 3 if you have a really expensive
TV!). If anyone would be interested, let me know by e-mail. Give me an
indication of what sort of cable length you would prefer. e-mail:

Dean Garraghty

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