Atari Productivity Software Sale / TT030 to come

Atari Productivity Software Sale / TT030 to come

Post by Frank Zimmerma » Thu, 03 May 2001 15:20:17


I currently have the following items for sale on eBay:

Avant Vector
Data Diet 2.0
Diamond Back 3.60
Disk Doctor / Good Backup Utility
Mouse Master (Joystick/Mouse Switchbox)
NeoDesk 4 Replacement Desktop
Outside - Virtual Memory Manager
Hard Disk Sentry
STyle 2.1 Graphics Editor
Universal Item Selector III
Ultimate Virus Killer 2000

You can view these at:

In a short while I will be posting the following as well:

The full ExtenDOS package (ExtenDOS Gold, CDWriter plus 2, CDbackup)
Dr. Bob's MVG (monochrome graphics editor) with Modules
Papyrus 8 (maybe...if I can separate it from the PC version).
Fonty (Calamus font editor)
Harlekin 3
HDDriver 7
FontKit Plus 4
MaxiFile 3
FastCopy Pro
ImageCopy 4
FaceValue/GFA Basic 3.6/Interface
Diamond Edge 2
Genus (Calamus Font Editor)
Outline Art 3
Silhouette 1.40
Straight Fax 2.1
Spiritware Bible Program (KJV, pro version)
Prospero Pascal
SharpScore 3.2
Calamus95 (for Windows)

There are a few other items such as some CD-ROMS of graphics and publishing
materials and some shareware programs that I've registered which will also
be posted.

On the hardware side, I will also be posting:

2 - TT030 computers, both of which have 19" monochrome monitors (one
Moniterm, one TTM195).  These both have TOS 3.06, High Density floppies,
replacement mice, and RAM upgrades (20mb and 128mb) but I may sell the RAM
separately.  One of these was purchased from Oregon Research and has the
distinction of being the machine that DiamondBack and Diamond Edge were
programmed on! (it's not signed by Bob Luneski though, but I will supply the
original bill of sale).

1- Microtek legal size (14") color scanner with SCSI interface and Atari

1 - Pen Mouse.

1 - Golden Image Track Ball.

1 - Migraph Hand Scanner and Scanning tray with ScanLite and Merge software.

1 - Very rare and beautiful Mega/TT Atari softshell case for transporting a
Mega STE or TT030.  It consists of two parts, one for the
CPU/keyboard/mouse/cables, and one for the Monitor.  I think the monitor
case will only fit the ST monochrome or color monitors (you might be able to
squeeze in a 14" VGA).  I got this from David Becker (anyone remember him?)
when I bought his Mega STe many years ago.

The hardware posts might not go up this week, but the rest of the software

Email me for any questions or pre-auction offers.