uucp and usenet news on atari st running tos

uucp and usenet news on atari st running tos

Post by Ken Na » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 21:00:00

I desperately need to get uucp, email, and usenet news running
on an Atari ST under tos or minix.  Please send any information
on public domain or commercial products that are available to:

Thanks in advance,
Ken Nair
(714) 546-1100


1. ST-News ST-News ST-News....!!!!

STE_NEWS 93....

Can some one place a working copy of this Disk Mag on a Gopher
accessible sites..


The one on Hensa is stuffed, and Please NOTE, MSA files are not accessible
on most sites when using Gopher or Lynx, Please try and pack it with a ZIP/LZH

Danny if you can read this Please remove your copy of ST-News 93, it unpacks
ok, but has problems when running it, some parts are corrupted...



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