atari st games

atari st games

Post by Satcom » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

     Is anybody out there still into playing Atari ST games? I would like
to hear from people,especially in my area (Los Angeles),who still pay
attention to the (barely lingering) ST game scene and collect the newer PD
and commercial stuff.Has anybody played Arnorath from Top Byte software?
Thats the next game I want. Also could someone be kind enough to send
(e-mail) me a copy of Clod Hopper the PD Miner 2049er clone for the ST? (or
tell me where to get it) Mine went bad and for some quirky reason none of
the FTP's I checked had it,and I checked at least 20 around the world.Hmm
strange...that was my favorite ST game too,well one of them.Also Im selling
a mega 4 with a nova card (16million color) and a megafile 30 hd



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