Kermit program

Kermit program

Post by Matthew A. Topin » Sun, 13 Jun 1993 03:29:26

Does anyone know if the packet sizes for send and receive can be increased beybeyond 94 on the Atari 800 version of Kermit?

Thanks for any info.



1. kermit programs

Hello again,

I am looking for some info on IBM kermit programs.  I wanted to ask
about it here first since it relates to the 8-bit Kermit program.  I have been
ablto download software from the ATARI ARCHIVES using one of the version
of Kert.  TO wnload, I have to access a Gopher Server, FTP to the archives and finally get to the directory/ files I need.  The settings on kermit have to be: parity even, file-type binary, word size seven, and eig-bit-quoting on.
I have tried to download the same way on a PCusing MS-Kermit but I have
been unsuccessful since there is no eight-bit-quoting.  AT esent, this method along with the BART mailer are the two methods of receiving les
I have available.  I should say again that I have been successful downloading
thru a gopher server using the 8-bit kermit programs buecause of the fact they allow
this eight-bit-quoting.  What is eight-bit-quoting anyway?  I have not gotten
any real answers when I asked people strickly in the PC world.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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