Any one out there?

Any one out there?

Post by Steve Mill » Mon, 22 Feb 1993 11:23:42

I haven't seen any postings since the 17th anything wrong or is everyone
just being quiet?
If there have been postings since the 17th please e-mail me so I can
find out what is going on with my system.

*electronics engineering dept.
*cal poly slo


1. One world, One CPU, One OS

        Reading the articles that say how alike Amiga, Atari, and Mac users

        It would be nice if these users could all have one unified operating
system.  (Yes, there is UNIX but not everyone has 4-8 meg of ram and 80+meg
hard disks.)  What does Apple have to lose by liscensing the Mac OS to
Commodore and Atari?

        Not much.  Some sales to be sure, but not enough to erode their profit
levels.  After all, people have proven they don't mind paying Apple's prices
by buying Macs in the first place.

        What they have to gain is enormous.  They could double their installed
base of Mac machines (making software production more viable) while having low
cost Macs (from Atari) available without watering down the current Mac line.
        In addition, the Mac OS would become the second leading OS, behind DOS
and in front of UNIX (which Commodore and Atari will have to go to otherwise).
OS/2 will not be viable for PC's.  (Arguments against that statement should be
directed to comp.sys.msx :)

        Making a mistake like IBM did?  Clone wars to follow?  Of course not.
They wouldn't be liscensing Mac computers, just the Mac OS.  The other machines
would still be Amigas and STs.

        Well?  Please, discussion only.  Flames should be directed to
alt.flame, where they belong.

Brett Kottmann

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