I'm headed for the shows!

I'm headed for the shows!

Post by Daniel L. Dreibelb » Wed, 23 Apr 1997 04:00:00

    well, I leave for the airport in an hour. Yes, I'm headed off to
England, folks - and I'll probably be seeing most of you on Saturday
and Sunday at the shows - both as a shopper and as an observer for TAF
and CURRENT NOTES. I'll finally be returning the favour of some of the
Brits showing up at our ACE '95.

    Hope to see  you there -  I'll be the  heavyish blond balding  bloke
with the cap,  jean jacket, and  either a TOAD  T-shirt or a  chro_Magic
"Motorola Inside" T.  Provided I  can find  my way  to and  back out  of
Birmingham :)

See ya!



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     Well with the Tom Haines, there is now a new version of "Don't Click Jim's
Head".  It should now work with machines with less than 14megs (oops), but I
had some problems with MTOS.  Anyway Tom has made some great additions with the
inclusion of a .mod file player for the Falcon as well as an imbedded .mod

     Source and executable are in the same file.  DONTCLI2.ZIP which should be
available later today on a.a.u.e.

     Dan Ackerman

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