Atari ST VT-100 Terminal Emulator Cartridge - problems.

Atari ST VT-100 Terminal Emulator Cartridge - problems.

Post by CrackerJa » Sun, 02 Sep 1990 13:12:00

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re: Atari ST VT-100 Terminal Emulator Cartridge.

Environment: Colour Mega ST 2, with SmartLink 2400 modem.

Last weekend I bought the this VT-100 Emulator from "What's This" here
in Kitchener. Yesterday when our phone was reconnected to the rest of
the world, I actually started trying to setup the emulator for a
session. I had trouble with parity and bit settings.

In my normal communications environment I use the VT-52 emulator
accessory with GEM Kermit. I set the RS232 to 7 bits, even parity,
strip bit on (1 stop bit). With the accessory I have no trouble
getting the modem to respond with OK. If I change parity fine. If
I change to 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop nit  no problem with the accessory.

Now if I plug the cartridge in and power up again, I find that the only
format I can talk to the modem in is 8 bits, no parity (I assume
1 stop bit since there is no parameter in SET-UP B for it). When ever
I change to 7 bits, any parity, my modem refuses to echo characters and
respond with OK. I tried for an hour to get the modem to talk to the
VT-100 emulator using 7 bits. No frigging luck.

Is this a bug with the cartridge program or I'm doing something wrong?

- Ant


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