A.E.O. (for the A8)

A.E.O. (for the A8)

Post by Andreas Magenheime » Fri, 04 May 2001 03:54:36

Hello folks,
searching for a few Atari Jaguar online mags, I finally found JEO and
AEO. Believe it or not, the AEO mag came from Atari itself
(1992-1996/97) and the first online issue stated, that AEO had its first
appearance in 1982 as an A8 online or BBS/mailbox magazin. So now, I am
not searching the AEO mags for Jaguar, instead I am searching for the
much older AEO mags from the early 80`s. Anyone got these A8 mags of AEO
?!? Perhaps someone who is/was running a mailbox ?!? -Andreas

1. AEO: Special Jaguar Edition and AEO Programmers Journal availbile now!

Now at my site (to be put on atari.archive ASAP)

A special edition of Atari Explorer Online, the first Jaguar Edition.

Included are:
The main Press release and other info in a 33k text file, Jaguar Logo (.IMG),
 Bus Block Diagram (.IMG) (have at it Howard Chu!), and 4 GIF's
(2 of TinyToons, 1 Raiden, and 1 Dinolympics)

Sadly, the GIF's are 320x200 and only 256 colors. :(
There are Targa's on GEnie, for the above, but its a big file, and it
costs me (LD charges) to call.

The AEO:PJ has gobs of programmers info, from beginners(begining C) to advanced

You can get these files *now* by FTP'ing to:


and looking in the directory

AEO02_15 should be out soon too.

Timothy Wilson ~-~Dark Oak Software~-~- Atari Explorer Online

I walk the path Electronic.

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