TOS editor, anyone?

TOS editor, anyone?

Post by DAVID L. ORMA » Wed, 17 Feb 1999 04:00:00

From the newsletter: have an expanding OS section and are keen to recruit new
contributing editors for 'alternative' platforms. At present, the non-Wintel
team consists of Amiga, Macintosh and Linux - there is definitely room for
more, so if any Convergence members are interested have a look at


1. Publishing Partner printer font editor PEDIT--anyone got docs???

Does anyone out there have the program PEDIT, which allows the editing
of Publishing Partner printer fonts?  I have a copy, and it didn't come
with docs (because, as the author says himself, he was too lazy to do
'em), and I can't get it to work!  Does ANYONE have ANY sort of
documentation for this program???  I would love to be able to make my
own fonts...*sigh*...

Thanks in advance.

-Steve Coile

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