looking for DROPZONE for 8 bit

looking for DROPZONE for 8 bit

Post by Public Libra » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 11:34:06

     hi y'all
     if anyone can send it to me it would be   m  m  much  appreciated.


1. You've mentioned the rest and forgot the best: DROPZONE!

DROPZONE: Still the best Defender 10 years later..... Nice one Archer!

Anyone else out there get that hard-to-reach 1,000,000? Bet your
joystick was melting by then, and the springs in your space bar were
flattened! What a rush....

Whenever anyone with a 64 came round for a bit of a 'pose' you could
stick this on and watch their jaws drop.

"I can't see the solution - Through this state of confusion....."

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