Anyone with a 'real world' TT?

Anyone with a 'real world' TT?

Post by Michael B. Vederm » Thu, 30 Aug 1990 10:33:35

Does anyone (as in overseas) have a real TT?  We have some questions which
we would like to get answered if you do.  Plus, compare some notes...

Thanks in advance
- mike

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1. 'SMART WATCH' Real-Time Clock - (nf)

Well, there's another good product here in germany:

the HEISE VERLAG (Hannover) (they bring out the c't magazine) is marketing
a battery-buffered clock that fit under EVERY ROM on EVERY SYSTEM. Soft-
ware is included for the ATARI ST series. It also works in the 1040 case !!!

You can use this clock on every rom or ram socket. (It's very easy to use:
simply access *for three times* the LAST ADDRESS on that ROM - then you can
access the clock ...)

The price ? 109.- DM ~~ $ 50


Verlag Heinz Heise
Bissendorfer Str. 8-9

3000 HANNOVER 61
(West-Germany)          Tel.: +49-511-5352-0    TWX: 923173 heise d



Contact via:

from the US: ...!pyramid!tub!csch
from Europe: ...!unido!tub!csch

tel.: +49-30-393-3574

tlx.: (west-germany) + 186672 rdt d

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