Advertizing on USENET, specifically csa8

Advertizing on USENET, specifically csa8

Post by James R. Gilbe » Thu, 30 Apr 1998 04:00:00

(Re: Bravo Sierra and advertizing on USENET.)
I feel that Mr. Smith follows good USENET advertizing
practices. (Picking apart his copy is, well, a bit of
nitpicking.) He doesn't post ads more than once a week or
so. He has a web site to get more information, and even
posts or has a voice line for his business. He doesn't take
a lot of space with multiple, LARGE, ads. And his ads are
strictly on topic.

And he participates in the group. I believe the above is in
keeping with the FAQ, 'Advertizing on the Internet: How to
do it, how not to do it.' as posted in news.newusers (that
may not be the exact usenet group, it is an official usenet
policy newgroup, moderated, I believe.) Russ


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