PCMCIA memory cards on Atari?

PCMCIA memory cards on Atari?

Post by Doctor Cl » Wed, 28 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I just got through replacing a cabinet on the club's hard drive.  Good
old 45 meg hard drive.  You know, it was the 1990-1996 era of hard
drives that I learned to loath.  I think for that reason even the most
recent hard drives, which are more reliable and tend to last longer, are
still on my loathing list.

        Thus the reason why when I looked at a PCMCIA card laying around
(granted only 10 meg) I looked at it and said... hmmm..

        You have a computer where the operating system is ROM based.  Make the
memory FlashRam based... and you have a dream machine in my book!

        So... I know on the PC you can add a PCMCIA card drive and it acts like
another disk drive.  Has anyone tried getting one of these card docks to
work on the Atari ST platform?

        Thanks in advance!

        Doctor Clu

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1. Reading memory cards on Atari

A TV programme on British TV the other evening showed a memory card from a
digital camera being inserted into a floppy disk sized adaptor and read by
the PC as though it was an ordinary floppy.

This is of obvious interest to anyone contemplating manipulating data on
their Atari, so the question is does this adaptor require a software driver
be installed on the PC or is it totally transparent - and has anyone actually
tried one?

What sort of memory card is it, industry-standard Compact Flash?

Speak to 'ya later!

Rgds, Derryck


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