Looking for Supercharger v1.40 docs

Looking for Supercharger v1.40 docs

Post by Fred Horv » Thu, 23 Jun 1994 00:53:42


        I just recently bought a used Supercharger.  I received everything
necessary with it except the instructions.  I can get the unit to work
fine running off of floppies but not the hard drive.  When I run the install
disks it tells me files are missing but are in fact in the current directory.
I believe the original disks to be OK but just don't know what sequence
things need to be done in.  If any one out there can photocopy the docs I
can pay you, send you floppies, or trade you some misc stuff for the docs.
Please E-mail me if you can help.

                                        Fred Horvat
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1. Help! TOS v1.40 Versus ZIP Dr

I am limited to the amount of data I can write to my ZIP disc and I don't know

My setup is: Atari 1040STFM with 4meg RAM and TOS v1.4, connected, via Link97,
to an Iomega ZIP Drive containing a ZIP disc formatted tofour 25mb partitions,
which in turn is  connected to a Syquest exflyer Hard Drive containing a
230 mb removable  Hard Disk which has 9 partitions of varying sizes.

The setup is "controlled??" by HD Driver v6.13 and I have allowed for 400

I was copying a great deal of FaST Club Software to the ZIP disk when the
system refused to copy any more files to the first ZIP partition (L).

The first system message was "Invalid Copy Operation".

I rebooted and again tried to copy to "L", this time the system message was
"ACCESS NOT POSSIBLE TOS terminated the operationt"!

At this stage the ZIP partitions contained the following data:

                   Partn L          Partn M          Partn N           Partn 0

Folders                256              185              174               260
Items                  930              648              791             1,085
Bytes Used      10,329,088        8,537,088        9,257,984        13,187,072
Bytes Available 14,726,144       16,518,144       15,797,248        11,868,160

You will see that TOS allowed me to write more data, without an error message,
to Partition O.

I decided to keep writing to Partition O until it was filled or I got an error

I got the "Invalid Copy Operation" when Partition O contained the following:

Folders                275
Items                1,134
Bytes Used      13,737,984
Bytes Available 11,317,248

I don't know enough about either ZIP Drives or TOS to sort this problem out.

Any "knowledge", advice etc would be appreciated.

It may be relevant to note that one of my Syquest Hard Disk Partitions has had
283 folders, containing 1,138 files, totalling 22,990,848 bytes written to it with
no problems!



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