Hermes ... forcing smaller packetsize???

Hermes ... forcing smaller packetsize???

Post by Craig Sho » Sun, 17 Jan 1993 17:23:36


My site has decided to allow packetsizes of up to 4096 bytes now, whereas
 it was 68 bytes before.

UUCICO is obeying what they want, and switching to 4096. This means
 my polls are *y long now! say I want to send a 100 byte message,
 this is then padded up to the 4096 bytes, and so is every X file.
There's also a huge wastage when my site is chatting to the other one
 between files with 4096 byte blocks.

Is there anyway to get UUWORK to tell UUCICO to stay at a smaller size?

 many thanks,

* Craig Shore.  Phone (Voice) +64 3 3852501  *


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