spectre GCR, memory upgrade, japanese

spectre GCR, memory upgrade, japanese

Post by MARC LA » Thu, 21 Jun 1990 06:47:40

We use Spectre together with a memory upgrade from 1 to 2.5 M from
Frontier Software, North Yorkshire, England. PO Box 113, Harrogate.
Price in Holland about $ 450 (100 card, 350 chips). No problems ntil
now. Works fine with Spectre 128 and PC Speed (Dos-emulator).
Marc Laan, Amsterdam, Holland.

1. spectre GCR, memory upgrade, japanese

Since my last message about using the japanese system with the GCR
didn't exactly get a huge response, I guess I'll just have to try
it out. To do this, I need to upgrade my STs memory from 1 meg to
2.5 or more. Can anybody suggest any good kits + mail order places
(there probably are no dealers in Tokyo) for

       - the memory upgrade (I can find the chips to populate the
         board here in Japan)
       - the spectre GCR

success/horror stories for the memory upgrade are also welcome (but
please by e-mail, it's been a topic in this group quite often).

            thanks in advance....michael doser

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