Help w/ SIO2PC Cable

Help w/ SIO2PC Cable

Post by Richard Cortes » Wed, 05 Apr 2000 04:00:00

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> I seem to be having some problems with the SIO2PC cable that I'm trying
> to build. I'm working off the schematic Clarence Dyson posted on his
> web page at . I've built
> the cable exactly as the schematic indicates. I then went back and
> tested everything with a meter to make sure there were no shorts and all
> the pins connected to the proper components. The voltages he lists at
> the end of the document as normal for a working unit were almost
> identically what I had, with the exception of pin 13. But I think
> that's an error on Clarence's page. He lists +5VDC, and I
> understandably get 0V as its connected to ground. When I turn on my
> Atari 800XL it loads right into BASIC as if no drive is ready. The 800
> goes right into the memo pad. I tried both SIO2PC and APE 1.17 with no
> luck. I even loaded Hyperterminal at 19200bps and watched a bunch of
> repeating characters come across the PCs serial port when I turned on
> the Atari. So something is happening.

Corners it a bit => you probably have the Atari to PC RxD right.

I have to ask because there have been a number of people that have made this
mistake in the past: Have you used the load ATR image from either APE or
SIO2PC and assigned the image as drive 1? Neither APE or SIO2PC default to
loading an image, so it is just like not having a drive if you don't load an

It has been a while, but I think both SIO2PC and APE have some diagnostics
built in. There is a sub menu/option that gives a verbose indication of what
is happening with SIO2PC anyway. You need to look for things like the
command line transistioning.

Right now if I were you I would forget about pins 1-3, 7, 11-14, you
probably have them right. Pins 4-6, 8-10, sound like the problems. Do things
like check diode band direction. If nothing else, you can eliminate the 5.6k
pull up resistor and cap to simplify the design a bit.

BTW: There are two types of color schemes used in Atari cables. The ones
from Chelco have a different color coding. I have also just repaired an APE
cable that had a broken line in it, so check for continuity just to make

Quote:> Additional info... I'm using a Motorola MC1489P and connected pin 6 to
> the PC's RI pin.
> Does anybody have any suggestions? Should I try the 14C89 or MAX232
> version or the 2-chip design?

Shouldn't make a dif.
Quote:>Have others had success at this
> particular implementation?
>Do any of these designs require a null
> adapter?


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