*** IMPORTANT *** Is the STe compatible with the ST? Mail me!

*** IMPORTANT *** Is the STe compatible with the ST? Mail me!

Post by Bryan Jones Woodwor » Thu, 21 Jun 1990 07:00:38

I am asking this mainly of the rest of the world, but if any of you fellow Americans feel you can contribute, please feel free to do so.

With the STe now available in America, there has been a great renewal of faith in Atari here.  However, this was dampened recently when a friend of mine mentioned that the STe is incompatible with the original ST!

My friend saw a magazine article listing TWO PAGES of games which work on the ST but WILL NOT RUN on the STe!  
Can this be true?  I need answers, and I need them NOW!  I am asking the WORLD to help me.  Before I buy an STe, I need your undivided attention and support.

Please, inform me:  Is the STe incompatible with the ST?  Or is this just a bunch of baloney?  Those of you in Europe, Canada and elsewhere have had access to the STe for some time now.  What problems does it possess?  I thought it was just an ST, though enhanced with a few extra goodies like better color and sound and a few extra ports.

Please send me mail at the following address.  Your replies mean everything to me.  I will post summaries of your replies to the NET and local BBSes in one week so that we can spread the news about.