oss pp v1.0 -> flash in gulam

oss pp v1.0 -> flash in gulam

Post by Chip Robers » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 13:57:00

In gulam, whenever i run OSS Personal Pascal v1.? then try to run
Flash v1.? (not the new version) the system does a reset as soon
as i click on the "About Flash" screen that initially comes up.

I can run OSS Personal Pascal after OSS Personal Pascal and I
can run OSS Personal Pascal after Flash, and i'm pretty sure
i can run Flash after Flash.  This gets to be anoying!
Does anyone have any idea of what is going on and where the
problem lies?  Who is the culprit and how can i fix it?

i am using the following aliases:

alias flash 'mson;pushd d:\telecomm\flash;flash.prg;popd;msoff'
alias pascal 'mson;pushd e:\pascal;pascal.prg;popd;msoff'

What is the latest version of Gulam?  I love it.  I have been
using MSH from MWC, but since i use BSD4.2 systems at work and
at school, i can't beat Gulam.

Thanks for the help!

Williamsburg, VA 23185       UUCP:     ...!uunet!pyrdc!gmu90x!wmcs!csrobe
"I haven't lost my mind.  It's backed up on tape somewhere!"  -anon


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