Need to convert Mac bitmap fonts to GEM bitmap font format

Need to convert Mac bitmap fonts to GEM bitmap font format

Post by Richard Addis » Sun, 23 Feb 1992 07:06:41

I'm looking for a program that will convert Macintosh bitmap fonts to
Digital Research's GEM bitmap font format.

We need to convert a handful of custom fonts.  Does anyone have any
pointers?  Even hints about programs that convert other bitmap font
formats to GEM bitmap fonts could be helpful.

BTW, it would be most helpful if the program ran on a Mac or an IBM
compatible under MS-DOS or Windows.  Otherwise, source for Atari or
some other platform would be appreciated.




1. Possibly a dumb question concerning fonts, Fontz!, and bitmap fonts

A program called speedfnt comes along with ATSpeed.  The
program allows you to load fonts for use in msdos mode.  It
suggests you use 4096 bytes hires bitmap fonts.  Well, I've
started looking for a font editor for the msdos world, but
then I realized that I already have a font editor, namely
Fontz!  I tried loading a font I had made for use in hi-res
mode on the ST, but all that showed up were a bunch of little
dots/specks...clearly this would not work...but then I
rememberd that you can change various things when desigining
fonts in Fontz!  So, I was just wondering if anybody out there
knows whether or not Fontz is capable of the type of font that
I will need (I figured I would ask here, seeing as how Neocept
is out of business now[at least that is what seems to be the
case based on earlier discussions concerning WordUp]).
Post to the net, or email me directly...Thanks!

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